Liz Craig Pianist Toronto Wedding Event Music Classial Jazz pianist jazz pianist

10 Fun Facts

  1. I've been playing the piano since I was 9, and teaching piano since I was 15.

  2. I've been playing weddings for almost 7 years now! It's the best job ever.

  3. I am NOT a morning person. I usually wake up around 11 am every day.

  4. I am a speed reader and I devour books. My average is a new novel every few days.

  5. My favourite genres to read and watch are true crime, thriller and horror.

  6. I'm a cat lady and currently have a 5 year old tabby named Bean.

  7. I love learning languages in my spare time and right now I'm working on French and Japanese.

  8. I've been vegetarian since 2014. Ever since seeing Cowspiracy.

  9. I feel so comfortable in the city and in crowds, and start getting anxious in a wide open space or the country side. (I do play lots of weddings in the great outdoors though, and since music is my happy place it all works out!)

  10. I'm married to my high school sweetheart. And before you ask, he isn't a musician - he's a theoretical physicist. 

Liz Craig is an award winning, Toronto-based pianist with a passion for making every event special through live music. She offers custom tailored piano performances for over 100 weddings and events each year in southern Ontario. She is the proud recipient of the Best of Weddings award from the for live wedding music. While classically trained, Liz performs a wide variety of styles of music including her own arrangements of jazz and the newest popular songs. Liz has found great success and personal satisfaction using her music to help others celebrate important milestones.


Besides performing regularly, she has been teaching piano and music theory lessons since 2006. Liz provides a student-centered curriculum which focuses on developing musical literacy from beginning to advanced levels. During the summer months she has instructed a piano & composition day camp she designed that encourages children to learn through discovery with their peers. Liz has experience adjudicating at ten different musical festivals and is a past member of both the Canadian Music Festival Adjudicators’ Association and the RCM College of Examiners. She is also an active member of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers Association where she serves as Past President of the Central Toronto Branch.


To complement her teaching and performing activities, she has also been involved with many community based projects. One cool experience was a short foray into the film music world with director Andrew McPhillips. Liz enjoys consulting and performing on recordings by local singer/songwriters, singing with and accompanying choirs, and working with soloists in preparation for music festivals, auditions and exams. Liz spent a term as Assistant Music Director at Grace Anglican Church in Scarborough where she was given the opportunity to organize a concert series called Grace Presents.  This series aimed to bring world class live music to the suburban community as well as provide an opportunity for solo musicians and ensembles to showcase their work in an intimate setting.


Liz had the privilege of studying with Juilliard alumnus Dr. David Moroz at the University of Manitoba where she graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in Piano Performance. She also holds ARCT Diplomas in both Piano Performance and Pedagogy. Along with her formal educational pursuits, she is keen on continued professional development. Liz travels and presents at conferences on piano pedagogy, music performance and entrepreneurship a few times a year at locations throughout Canada and the US. Due to her work in these areas, she has earned numerous awards including the Richardson Scholarship in Music and the Kristin and Albert Stephenson Music Scholarship from IODE Canada.