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Why You Should Choose Live Music for Your Wedding Ceremony: Benefits and Tips

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As a musician for ceremonies, this topic is of course very close to my heart! There are really many benefits to booking live music for your ceremony and here are just a few of the big ones:

There is no need to time your walking in and out

Let’s start with the most practical reason. When you are walking down the aisle, all you should be thinking about is this rare and special moment in your life! Feel free to walk at whatever pace you want, take your time, we will keep playing, and repeating if necessary and come to a musically satisfying close whenever you reach the front. We take care of all the music cues and you can just relax and enjoy. With pre-recorded music, often the couple has to fit to the timing that is already there and it makes the day just that much more stressful.

Better flow of the ceremony

Live musicians are trained to follow the flow of events and to start and stop playing at logical times in a musically satisfying way. Stopping and starting a pre-recorded song is logistically more challenging and won’t flow as well. The ceremony is a once in a lifetime event and you want it to go smoothly with no bumps in the road.

Recognizable songs in a new and fresh way

Do you love Ed Sheeran? John Legend? Bach? No matter your interests, live musicians can make the music you already love into something really unique and special for you alone. Since the couple is hearing the songs they have chosen in an acoustic and unique way live, it is unmatched to a recording where they know what to expect because they have heard it many times.

Elegant and interesting visual for your guests

Who doesn't love watching a professional musician in action? Adding live music will give another dimension to the ceremony of heightened visual and auditory experience. Picture going to a 5 star restaurant that features live music as well while you dine. The whole evening just feels that much more luxurious and special.

Live music helps your guests pay attention and be in the moment

Starting off your ceremony with a beautiful piece of music as the bridal party enters helps everyone in the audience get ready for what they are about to witness. It frames the moment and helps everyone to really appreciate being there.

With live music, your ceremony is more intimate, personal and romantic

Lastly, the most important reason is that the love that brought the couple together is amplified when you have live music. There have been several times when after a ceremony I go up to a bride and groom to congratulate them and they say how the music really is what brought the tears to their eyes. I’ve had couples say that it was the music that really brought everything together and the day to life.

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