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Spooky Sounds: Halloween Piano Music for Students of All Ages

Published Oct.1st, 2023

Halloween piano music for students

Isn't it scary how quickly Halloween comes up in the school year? I always start planning for this music in August so that my students have a goal and a motivation to practice right from our first lesson in September. I've gone through all of my books and online resources and compiled a great list of Halloween repertoire that I use with my students in preparation for our annual Halloween recital, hosted by ORMTA Central Toronto Branch.

First of all my main tip is to pick piece(s) that they can learn in a week or two. This might be lower than their current level AND THAT IS OK! Or you can pick something the first week of September that is a little bit of a reach, but gives them a goal to get the piece ready in two months. With a little bit of forethought and planning, it gives the students great motivation to kick start a new school year!

I also like to forgo the idea of levels and really just show them the piece on it's own. I frame it as a fun extra piece to learn for the sake of performing or enjoying on Halloween day. I do the same with Christmas music in November & December.

My first go to book is this one because:

  • the duets are phenomenal

  • it includes favourites such as Monster Mash, Hedwig's theme and This is Halloween

  • the music is fairly accessible for beginners who can read middle C position. I would use this with anyone in the primer level of Piano Adventures and beyond.

Halloween piano music for students

I've organized the rest by composer - please do buy this music direct from the composer to support them! I've put links and descriptions where applicable.


Mummy Music - gives them a chance to compose as well!

Midnight Hour

(both are available from the linked site above)

Christopher Norton

Creaking Stairs - can be found in the Connections book 1

Night Sky - is in the Conservatory Canada repertoire book 3

Linda Niamath

March of the Terrible Trolls

Halloween Night

Spider's Web

Clifford Poole

Spooks - a classic! Found in most older RCM books for level 1

Christine Donkin

Haunted Harp - Prep books through RCM

Witches & Wizards - Level 3 study book with RCM

Boris Berlin

Haunted Castle

March of the Goblins

Nancy & Randall Faber (originals and arrangements)

Little Ghost's Recital

Horseman's Night Ride

Monster's Midnight March

The Crawling Spider

Adam's Family Theme - Level 4 Popular

Phantom of the Opera - Level 4 Popular

Moonlight Sonata - Technique & Artistry books

Danse Macabre - Piano Adventures Level 4 Classics Book

Skeleton Waltz - very accessible and great duet!

Nancy Telfer

Sleeping Dragon

Skeleton Dance

Andrew Harbridge

Forest at Twilight - found in the Conservatory Canada Contemporary Idioms book 2

Anne Crosby

Banshee's Ball

Julie Lind

Lady in the Woods

Jennifer Eklund

Toccata in d minor arrangement (an easy and an intermediate version on

There is much much more halloween piano music out there but this list has some of my favourites and a good variety to choose from for beginners to early intermediate students. If you are interested in starting piano lessons with me, the first step is to fill out the registration form here

Happy Fall!


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