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Top 8 Recessional Songs to Create the Perfect Wedding Ceremony Exit

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I often get asked for suggestions for recessional music and I find myself often giving the same ones! So I thought, why not turn this into a blog post that I can forward on and possibly inspire others to look at some new options for wedding ceremony music?

The following are a few suggestions from different genres, pop, jazz, old, new and of course the traditional classical pick. I hope this list helps you to choose the perfect soundtrack for this amazing moment! Each titles is linked to a video of the piece, either the original or my piano cover of the song. Enjoy :)

This song I've done countless times, it is really so upbeat and catchy and sounds great instrumental or with a singer. It's a longer song as well so it will ensure that the party continues until your whole bridal party can exit down the aisle.

Even though this song was written and released way back in 1969, it's still so recognizable and induces good vibes to all who hear it. Perfect for ending your wedding ceremony on a happy, sunny note!

Typically the recessional song happens right signing the marriage license, so this song is literally the perfect tie in and so fitting for this moment. Super upbeat, catchy and it will have you and your guests feeling celebratory.

Again, the words are super fitting and it has a party/celebratory atmosphere. If you don't love the lyrics (which are basically talking about getting married on a whim after shots of Patron) you can opt for an instrumental version which retains the lighthearted and happy spirit of this tune.

Maybe Drake isn't your first choice for wedding music, but hey, I do most of my weddings in Toronto which is Drake's hometown and it's cool to be able to tie in a local artist. This song is quite romantic and sounds really nice as an instrumental version. The original words are also super sweet and give a nice vibe going into cocktail hour.

Speaking of cocktail hour, this classic tune by is perfect if your ceremony is right before it, perhaps even in the same room. It's nice to be able to smoothly transition into more lounge/cocktail style music as guests pick up their champagne and hor'dourves. Also of course the words are super fitting, at last the couple is married and it's time to celebrate!

Perfect piece for a solo piano recessional - it's grand, romantic and exciting. It has the air of classical music without being too traditional or stuffy.

Original written in 1842 for Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream, this has become the iconic recessional piece. Think church organ, confetti, the works - it's a perfect choice if you want that traditional "just married" feeling that is in all the romantic movies from the last 20 years.

Hopefully this helps give you some new ideas! Ultimately, there is so much music out there and it's best to pick a song that makes you feel good and that feels right for you as a couple.

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