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The Top Wedding Vendors You Need to Consider for Your Toronto Wedding

You may be an engaged couple or related to an engaged couple who is starting to plan (with fingers crossed) for their upcoming wedding. I thought I'd kick off this year's blog with a listing of some of my favourite wedding professionals that I know will go above and beyond to ensure that your big day goes off without a hitch. I've worked with all of these vendors, usually multiple times, and have nothing but praise for them. They are all very easy to work with, professional and above all have a passion for what they do knowing how special their job is. Weddings happen hopefully once a lifetime so it pays to go with vendors who really love what they do and know how to make things perfect on the day of.

Wedding Planners

Wonder Chic Events - Head planner Cindy Li is a delight to work with, very organized, and has a lot of great connections and ideas to make each event come to life!

Nobl Events - Recently started working with head planner Kirsten on some intimate wedding packages for spring 2021. Really forward thinking and beautifully curated weddings from the perspective of Kirsten's background in fine art.

Karina Lemke Weddings - I met Karina when she hired me to teach her son piano lessons! Then I started looking at her portfolio - it's very impressive. She works with a lot of celebrity clients and has connections from her time hosting the show "Rich Bride, Poor Bride"


Enduring Promises - I have to start with Enduring Promises. Not only did I hire them for my own wedding, I have done over 100 weddings with them as well. Excellent professionals who curate each wedding ceremony to exactly what each couple is looking for. You can pick which officiant in their roster connects most to you and then they take care of the rest. Highly highly recommended.

Alex Rajak - We've done a good number of weddings together and if you are looking for someone who is super friendly, hilarious and professional, you've found the right guy. He has a lot of awards as well, he works extremely hard and I'm always impressed to see how many weddings he does. It's clear that he is able to connect with many couples from the first meeting.

Sarah Bunnett-Gibson - The most experienced officiant I've worked with, over 25 years and 3000 couples married! She also brings a lightness, humour and warmth to personalizing each couple's big day.


Jessilynn Wong - Dynamic, beautiful, professional photos captured with a smile. Jessilynn and I met over vendor break at our first wedding together and we've run into each other countless times since! I'm hoping to hire her to do my next set of professional shots, when we can meet in person again.

Avenue Photo - All around wonderful team, they've shot weddings I've done from 2013 to most recently in September 2019.

Lula King - Very friendly and has a range of skills from photo to video. She works internationally but I've been lucky to work with her on a few Toronto weddings.

jessilynn wong photography wedding ceremony toronto

Photo credit @Jessilynn Wong Photography.

There are of course countless other amazing vendors in our great city of Toronto, but hopefully this list is helpful in getting you started on your wedding planning journey. If you are looking for a musician, click the button below to request a quote from me!


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